Friday, 6 August 2010

A Day Off

Well I've managed to temporarily extricate myself from the pile of power tools, spirit levels, pots of paint etc and am having a day off - YIPPEEEEEEE

The reason for all the DIY paraphernalia is that I'm getting our house ready to sell or rent out so we can move to London!! I am sooooooooo excited. The location we are moving to is fab, but i'll bore you with all the details another day.

So what am i going to do with my day off..... well being the original wild child I'm going to start by going to look for curtains for the place in London, then have a spot of lunch and finish the day off by go to the cinema for an afternoon nap! The napping bit is not by choice i hasten to add but my other half is taking the day off too and wants to see Inception. I'm not a sci-fi fan and no doubt this afternoon will be a re-enactment of when we went to see Avater i.e. me nodding off and him waking me up when i started snoring!! (Hopefully we can skip the snoring part so i can sleep through the whole film this time though)

Tomorrow it will be back to the house revamp grindstone. So far the kitchen and bathroom have been gutted and are now shiny & resplendent; the lounge is homely; dining room de-cluttered and our bedroom light & airy. My next goal is to finish the hall - the meter cupboard has been built, pipes boxed in and skirting fitted so it's time for me to attack it with a paint brush.

Then as Mrs P said amidst all our upheaval there is the small matter of us launching our new business which I am so excited about!! However the shops are now open so I'm off to enjoy my wild crazy day off ;-D


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