Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Crumbs, I've got a blog!!

Well, I've taken the plunge and gone and got me a blog.  So what do I write about that won't make me sound boring/completely bonkers/irritating and annoying or all of the latter?

Quite frankly, I'm not that interesting.  I am a stay at home mum, juggling the demands of a nearly three year old (who recently asked, "Mummy does Grandpa have a willy?"), two dogs (one large and one small), a talking parrot, several fish and a husband who seems to spend most of his time in China - you can guess who takes the most looking after - trying to set up a new business and a house move.

Yes, after 13 months on the market our house has finally sold and with our buyer keen to complete we have spent the last few weekends rushing round like headless chickens trying to find our forever home in Herefordshire.  Now, it might be just me, but why do houses never look as good when you see them in the flesh as they do on the particulars?  We went to see a beautiful looking barn conversion, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, large kitchen and sitting room, huge gardens (you get the picture) which in reality turned out to have all of the above except it was awful!!  Whoever had done the conversion should have been shot!  We came across a water cylinder hidden behind a curtain at the top of the stairs rather than behind a door, a glass door from the sitting room leading straight into the utility room so you could spend your cosy evenings in front of the fire gazing lovingly at your washer-dryer, a hole in one of the bedroom walls overlooking the staircase - dreadful!!  Another property was teeny tiny in spite of the estate agent telling us it was plenty big enough for us all to live.  Now, bearing in mind we are moving my father in with us, how can a house with two bedrooms, a kitchen the size of a small matchbox and a postage stamp garden possibly accommodate all of our menagerie?

I could go on, especially about estate agents, but I won't and will suffice to say that we have found our dream house, perched on top of a hill in the Herefordshire Golden Valley, with an acre of land, an orchard, a paddock and enough outbuildings to house all of hubby's gadgets.  Subject to surveys and all that palaver we hope to move in September, so we are now at the mercy of solicitors and the like.  So, rather than stay at home to help, hubby decides to go to China for a week leaving me to deal with all the bumph!  Silly questions like "Please confirm that at completion you will have removed all items belonging to you from all parts of the property including the loft garage outhouses and garden" - well no, I thought I'd leave all of my furniture and clothes here and move to an empty house so that I can run around naked all the time!!  Is it me??

Then there's the little matter of setting up a jewellery and card making business with a very dear friend of mine.  Don't they say never go into business with friends?  We are "going live" on Facebook soon, but will have to delay the website launch as very inconveniently she has decided to move from Bristol to the bright lights of London at about the same time as I will be upping sticks - how inconsiderate!  Still, it gives us time (God knows when as I'll be manically packing boxes, contacting removal firms, finding paperwork, moving money between accounts....) to make more stock I suppose!  There's a story about how this burgeoning business emerged, but perhaps I'll bore you with that the next time.

So, if you're still awake, thank you for reading and please come again - it will get more exciting I promise.


  1. Hi Mrs Pink

    Fab story about the house move. Good luck with it. The funniest thing my solicitor did was, whilst we were in the process of buying our house, they wrote a letter to us, at the address of the house we were BUYING, asking us if we were still interested in buying the property. The owners of the house opened it (having received mail for someone they did not know) and got in huge panic! We'd instructed them to act on our behalf and everything!!

    Anyhow, good luck with the move and the new business.


  2. Mrs Pink,

    Good on you for taking the plunge in blogging, something I'd never considered before but can definately see the benefit of it... quite therapeutic I would think.

    I look forward to reading the next part of your saga, especially how the new business idea was born!



  3. I may have mislead you into thinking that the setting up of the business is exciting!! Apologies in advance if you are disappointed! Thanks for all the good wishes - nice to know that somebody is reading.

  4. Good luck ladies enjoyed the first instalment!

  5. I admire your enterprise and energy,and I wish you luck! Enjoyed the blog, entertaining as well as mind-blowing in its scope. New house, moving new business AND a toddler - wow.