Friday, 13 August 2010

Looks like we really are moving - and soon!!

So, we got a call from our estate agent tonight - our buyer is looking to exchange contracts either next Friday or sometime the following week!!  Now, this is fab news considering we were on the market for 13 months and had about 8 viewings during that time - but heck, that's only next week!!

We've only had the first quote for moving us today - do we get them to do the packing or do we do it?  I'm veering towards getting them to do it for the sake of £500 - sounds a lot, but think how stressful it would be?  What do I do about Little Pink's nursery?  She's so happy there - I hate that I'm taking her away from it, although I know there will be another good one where we are going - and they love her too.  What about all the junk that I was going to sort out before we moved?  What about saying goodbye to the friends that we have made here?

It's ridiculous.  I've been desperate to get away from here for a long long time.  I really dislike our neighbours on the one side, and the feeling is mutual (ever since we fell out over the plans for their extension and the five windows directly overlooking our garden).  I'm not over keen on the village and the people in it, with two or three exceptions, and I am especially glad to be leaving behind the woman who managed to get my big soppy dog who wouldn't hurt a fly issued with an asbo (that's a whole other story).  And the fact is we are moving to a beautiful house in a wonderful area, it's everything we wanted and more.  So why do I have so many misgivings and worries?


  1. change... that always brings with it misgivings, even if it's what you really want! But all will be well once the change is all implemented - you'll never look back.

    As for Little Miss Pink - another nursery... soon becomes another school, reception, then good bye reception teacher, hello year one, goodbye year one teacher, hello year 2... and it goes on and our little ones all take it in their stride, as us grown ups... well we fret over every change!

    Embrace and Enjoy every moment - you have so much to look forward to.


    Sue xxx

  2. Don't pay for packing - it's really not that much of a bind and you'll do a better job yourself anyway.