Wednesday, 11 August 2010

So, how did it all begin?

Well, I did promise to tell you how Tickled Pink Crafts was born, and I think I may have led you to believe that the story is far more exciting than it really is.

Miss Tickled and I share a passion for crafting, although since Little Pink was born I haven't had much time to indulge myself for fear of having my best paper strewn across the floor, pen nibs pushed flat and rubber stamps chewed!  I know I should share with her and encourage her arty side, but there are some things that are sacred - and my craft cupboard is one of those things!  Anyway, Miss Tickled had treated herself to a new craft tool and I was keen to see the results, so off I trotted to Bristol with Little Pink in tow.

Whilst Miss Tickled kept Little Pink amused with colouring and relentless answering of questions starting with "why?", I perused the intriguing pieces of enamel that she had created.  Heart and flowers shapes in shades of gold, brown and green, with hints of blue and black, some embossed with leaf patterns, some left plain but all staggeringly beautiful and crying out to be shown off. 

So, I persuaded Miss Tickled to let me take some of her creations home with me and excitedly dug around in the cupboard for my bead box that had been gathering dust for several years.  The transformation was immediate and astonishing, whilst beautiful in their own right, when paired together both beads and enamel pieces took on a whole new life.  Colours became more vibrant, new tones came to the fore, the swirls and whirls seemed to move as the light changed - truly stunning and unique pieces of jewellery.

Since that day, Miss Tickled has made more shapes in different colours, experimenting with their form and texture, their colour, shape and size and I have simply taken them and turned them into necklaces, earrings, brooches and rings, becoming more adventurous with my beads and threads, learning to tie adjustable knots and falling in love with my creative side all over again.  No two pieces are ever identical, the enamel mixing process ensures that they are all different - so although the colours may be the similar, the patterns, the swirls, the whirls, the selection of beads all vary from piece to piece.  Miniature works of art.

I have to add that Miss Tickled also makes the most gorgeous handmade cards - birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new babies, something for every occasion - so it seemed logical to combine the two into Tickled Pink Crafts.

And that is how Tickled Pink Crafts was born - not earth-shatteringly exciting, but hopefully life-changing in some small way.  We are already talking about what we can add to our products, what can we make, what do we love?  Our website is on the way (yes, we've changed our minds and it's coming very soon), we are on Facebook and Twitter and we have made our very first sale - only £5, but it's a start!  We are very excited about our new venture, but particularly we are excited about our jewellery - we love it and we hope you do too.

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  1. How exciting - it sounds like you're off to such a good start! I've got quite a few people in mind for Christmas presents, so I will make a list and have a look through your facebook photos.