Thursday, 19 May 2011

Happy Birthday

This post could actually be called Happy Anniversary or Congratulations or Hello or I Love You, or anything else that you might want to say with a card.

According to Wikipedia the tradition of sending cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, and the custom truly came to the fore in Victorian times.  Nowadays it seems that you can buy a card for any occasion and those clever marketeers even invent special days to try and encourage the consumer to buy them.

Here at Tickled Pink Crafts, Miss Tickled handmakes beautiful cards, which are fun, funky, classic, elegant, subtle and, more importantly, unique.  There is no danger of you sending the same card as someone else, and you can be sure that it will stand out from the crowd on the recipient's mantelpiece.

I suppose the most traditional way of making cards is by using rubber stamps and then either embossing them or simply colouring the image.  Miss Tickled has developed this into a fine art, using professional artists pens, pencils and inks, combined with clever distressing techniques to create gorgeous images which she then mounts on the cards.

She also uses her own diecuts from paper, foam and fabric, and turns them into funky yet classic designs.

She is incredibly skilled in using different types of plastic, resin and enamel to create tiny pieces of art which she then incorporates into a card which will surely be admired for a long time after the event it celebrates has passed.

And finally we come to her magnificent shutter cards!  These are truly unique and can be commissioned in colours and styles to suit whatever special occasion you are celebrating.  You won't find cards like these in the shops!

I am in awe of her creativity and I am sure that she won't mind me mentioning that she has been commissioned to make a series of cards to be sold in a London museum!

At the moment we have a special offer of 10 cards for £10 + £2 p&p, so pop along to our website or have a look on Facebook and make your choice.  And don't forget, if you don't see what you want please get in touch.

Thank you for dropping by.  We hope to see you again soon.

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  1. aw shucks thank you Mrs Pink that is an awesome blog and has made me blush somewhat! xx