Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cupcakes, Fruit Trees and Easter

Cupcakes (or buns as we used to call them) are everywhere these days and so I have jumped on the bandwagon with these pretty brooches.

I say brooches, but at the moment I am stuck as to how to attach the finding to the back.  They need some kind of backing on them to hide the bead stitching, but for the life of me, I can't seem to get the cupcake shape right (in spite of using the same template I used for the needle-felt)!  Any suggestions would be welcome, as there is a lovely batch of six colourful cakes waiting to go on sale.  I think I might experiment a little bit too and try and make some of these up into bunting or hanging decorations.

I have also spent some time making Easter eggs to give as gifts.  These are needle felted and finished with lovely glass beads and make very fetching hanging ornaments (if I say so myself).  I think some spherical ones for Christmas will be on the cards too.

I'm surprised how creative I was last week as it was a pretty exhausting one as I was flying solo whilst Mr Pink was on business in China.  Sadly this is a regular thing and results in me getting grumpier as the week goes on and him returning jet-lagged, shattered and bad-tempered!  Still, I mustn't forget that his work means that I don't have to and can stay at home with Little Pink and be part of Tickled Pink Crafts.  And he frequently comes back with some wonderful items for me to create with.  This is the latest assortment and I can already see brooches, bags, earrings...........all sourced direct from China exclusively for Tickled Pink Crafts!

We have a busy Easter weekend ahead. My Dad is coming to visit, we have an Easter Egg hunt at the Rectory on Sunday (not with the vicar mind you, our friends live there!) and we also have a gardening to do list that is getting longer by the day, including the planting of our new cherry and plum trees.

We have an orchard (doesn't that sound grand - it's not, honestly) full of apple trees, but not one cherry or pear tree in sight, so I think we need to put that right over the next few years starting with the cherry.  And I love plums, so an extra one of those won't hurt will it?

Stop press - excitingly Miss Tickled has just told me that she has provisionally booked a table at a market in London for three consecutive Saturdays.  One of the markets will have a Dog Show theme, so I need to get my thinking hat on and come up with some dog themed goodies.  I also need to start making some more bags as we are hoping that these will sell well - a dog themed bag perhaps?

Wishing you all a Happy and Peaceful Easter - enjoy the lovely weather!


  1. I love the Easter gifts you've made! Felting is something I'd love to have a go at

  2. Thank you. Needle felting is great fun (loads of "how to" videos on YouTube). I haven't tried wet-felting yet, but it is on my list of things to do. xxx

  3. great post ...would love an orchard ....started a small one in our last house,but we are in rented now and I miss the garden.....had a summerhouse, where I used to do my sewing, at the end which looked out on my orchard...enjoy the weekend!!
    Trish xx

  4. Happy Easter! Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned.
    Oh and when did fairy cakes become cupcakes? They are essentially the same thing aren't they?

  5. Moody cow - I like the idea of a summerhouse, an escape just for me!

    PhotoPuddle - yes, they were buns or fairy cakes. Cupcakes were American!!