Friday, 10 September 2010

Tickled Pink's Treats

I have been totally blown away by the number of crafty creative people I have discovered since I began Tweeting and putting Tickled Pink Crafts out there on t'Interweb.  The talent, skill and imagination of these people is incredible and so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.  I think I will make this a regular spot as there are too many to mention at once and I can enjoy looking at all the gorgeous goodies again and again, so please don't be cross if you don't appear this time, because I'm sure you will!

I'm starting with a shameless plug for  Miss Tickled and I are so proud of our website, and I am eternally grateful to her for creating such a wonderful showcase for our jewellery.  Each piece we make is totally unique, there may be similarities but no two pieces will ever be identical and they are lightweight and easy to wear.  Please drop by, have a look and tell your friends.

I think you will fall in love with the Socklings as much as I have -  Their creator describes them as Crazy Creatures made from socks and I think that's just about perfect.  Who would have thought that such adorable critters could be made from socks.  Here is a picture of Stripes who I have bought for Little Pink as a "moving into our new house gift".

I am completely in love with everything which Teasemade creates with her fine needle work and beautiful fabrics -  I just can't choose a favourite piece.

Then there's Scrummy Beads,  Beautiful and fun handmade beads, crafted into quirky jewellery that's fun to wear. Go and take a look, you won't be disappointed.

You should also go and look at where there are gorgeous photocards like this one.

This one really blew my mind -  The patience and skill in this is incredible.

Finally, here's one that I love, love, love -  The idea behind this is lovely and I may have to order one of these when finances are better.

And gosh, there are so many more:  Dottie Designs, Dragon Jewellery, Kokokelli, Silver Birch Bags, Diomo Glass, LouLou's Luxuries to name but a few, I know I've left so many talented people out.  Then there are the bloggers, amazingly talented writers who provoke and entertain - have a look at the list of blogs on here and you'll see how good they are.  I could sit here all night and list names and websites of all the incredible things that I have found.

You know, the Internet is an amazing thing.  How on earth did we manage without it, where did we celebrate our gifts and showcase what we are doing before it came along?  How did I ever cope without my "virtual" friends and colleagues (I say that as Grandpa Pink is looking over my shoulder tutting and completely not understanding what I am doing!)?  I love it and am in awe of the wealth of talent that is out there.

PS:  Hope that those people I've included on here don't mind - let me know if you want me to remove you and I will do so immediately.

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  1. Wow, those shoes and bag are cakes! You'd feel guilty slicing into that!